Electric Swichboards

ANT Company is the leading manufacturer of electrical panels with medium and low voltage distribution, the center control panel of cold temperatures, humidity control panel, automatic control panel etc. We offer you the full electrical switchboard solutions from Main Switchboards to a Consumer Unit; from the fix-type to draw-out panel.

  • Main Switchboards up to 35kV, 6300 Amp
  • Distribution Boards
  • Motor Control Centers (MCC)
  • MCC Draw-out panel

ANT’s switchboards have been verified and tested by ASTA’s accredited laboratories Testing Facilities (UK) and Damstra laboratory (The Netherlands), according to the following IEC Requirements:

IEC 61439-1& 2 (2009)
IEC 60529
IEC 60068-2-11
IEC 60068-2-30

The test was conducted for the ANT Switchgear 2500A with a short circuit rating 50kA/1s and 105kA peak current. Vertical busbar 1600A is tested to 50kA/1s. Highest degree of protection: IP43. Form of internal Separation: Form 4b.

In 2014, we will conduct ASTA Type-test for our new ANT-V14 switchboard which reaches the highest level up to 6300A, 100kA/1s and 220kA peak current, IP 54 to satisfy high demands on special industrial projects.

As the leading panel builder in the market, we have expert team to provide you all switchboard solutions from designing, manufacturing, assembly, delivery, installation, testing, commissioning.

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Electric Swichboards